REaaS - Release Engineering as a Service

Our goal

The main goal of recman is to go further with fantastic new techniques and possibilities such as cloud and XaaS. According to the present's most favourite trends we are thinking in services rather than resources. We are going further and start delivering not just professional solutions but professinals as a Service!

The acronym

The acronym - XaaS - refers to an increasing number of services that are delivered over the Internet (as a service) rather than provided locally or on-site. Our aim is to deliver high performance Release Engineering and DevOps with all the benefits of experienced professionals, know-hows and tools.


The release engineering, frequently abbreviated as RE or as the clipped compound Releng, is a sub-discipline in software engineering concerned with the compilation, assembly, and delivery of source code in a standardized way into finished products or other software components.

Release engineering expertise includes:

  • Source control
  • Software construction
  • Continuous integreation
  • Build environment
  • Integration, installation and management
  • Monitoring